How to do a Japanese necktie with Shinya Aoki and Chris Hertzog

Here are two video’s on how to do a Japanese necktie. It’s a great option from side control, turtle and half guard. It’s quite an unpleasant submission for your opponent so try be sensitive in training. I actually came to find this technique because I really like the using the D’Arce choke but over the last few months, the guys at my gym have developed such good defence to it that I had to seek out a submission to counter that defence.Japanese necktie

The first video is by Chris Hertzog of Empire Academy for submissions 101. I like the way he explains the technique.

The second video is by Japanese submission wizard and MMA legend Shinya Aoki. The video is in Japanese so I can’t understand a word but you can see how Shinya does it and I figure it’s a cool video to learn an authentic Japanese necktie.

2nd video source : Stingrza