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26 funny as hell BJJ memes

I guess I’m bored due to a finger injury of all things. I’m just enjoying cruising around the web finding memes about BJJ that really crack me up. Some are old but cool. Some are new. There a few from pinterest. Ok, admittedly, they’re not all hilarious but I found them all entertaining. Definitely more entertaining than being swept and posting with my baby finger, which bent backwards at the middle knuckle. I popped it back in. My work mates said ‘ take some concrete pills and harden up’. That was funny at the time, but not so much now that I can’t train. Anyway, enjoy the product of my boredom with these memes. You’d better laugh okay.

Most of these BJJ memes have been floating around the web for years but I’ve noted the credits from the pages I’ve found them on.

losing the back

bring me another bluebelt

youre a whitebelt stop coaching

play with these guys

connectionrio lessons

Found this one floating around on

let the bjj flow

belt system

Another one from

told him i was sore

bjj cuddles

you shall not pass

and this one also from that page

jiu jitsu coaches be like

jiujitsu eye contact

This ones off a T shirt you can buy at zazzle

take the back

someone talking about jiu jitsu

Meerkatsu did this fantastic work

Grossest things in BJJ

boyfriend doesnt train bjj

This one is my all time favourite as seen on picphotos

triangle choke smell of balls


give me your lunch money nerds

sweep you off your feet

when you finish rolling

folding laundry

look at the ref

farting in bjj class

train the gi


im going to jiu jitsu