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The guy who revolutionised the half guard game.

Roberto gordo half guardYou’ve been studying half guard and you find that either it’s really helping your BJJ game or you’re really battling to cope with opponents who use it well. Well did you know that up until the turn of the century ( Wow, that sounds so long ago but it’s actually just 15 years ago at the time of writing.) there really wasn’t much of a half guard game at all. It existed but it was really just a pretty neutral and defensive position. Along came a man named Roberto Gordo who changed the whole game. He had suffered a knee injury and full guard was proving to be incredibly challenging. This student of Jean Jacques Machado started to make the best of a bad situation and started developing the half guard game as we know it today. This interview by Tatami via BJJ Hacks is absolutely fascinating and if you play half guard today, the odds are that many of the basic principals of half guard that you use today were probably influenced or even created by this incredible individual.