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BJJ used in an MMA style street fight.

BJJ in an MMA style street fightThis video shows two guys getting into a full on MMA type fight in a park and the guy with better BJJ skills completely dominates.

As I’ve said before, I don’t believe in getting into street fights for a whole variety of reasons. It’s just a stupid thing to do with all the psychos out there but I do find it entertaining to watch and I’m fascinated by how effective BJJ can be in this particular type of scenario.

Video source: Martial art

Fight in a park ends in an arm bar

Armbar in a park fight I’m completely against fighting in the street for a whole variety of reasons. Working in security, I think it’s simply stupid when one considers the psychos out there.

Despite my own personal misgivings, I still find it very entertaining and educational to watch so called ‘street fights’ and it’s always more interesting to me when there’s BJJ involved, for obvious reasons. It is nice to see that an arm bar can end a live fight. This one was shown by Jiu Jitsu times. Be advised, there is a bit of potty mouth happening in this video but I think you’ll survive.

Hottie arm triangle to armbar

Hottie armbarOk ok, I realise that the technique shown here could be a lot tighter and a bit more technical but hey, sometimes you just have to keep learning fun.

It’s a cool submission chain and you have to admit, it’s more entertaining than my regular posts. Give it a try in training and see what you think. The girls at MMA Candy always help lighten up the techniques. Here’s a great Arm Triangle to Armbar transition with a little extra entertainment thrown in. 😉

The best BJJ instructional ever! Sweeps and subs on a pitbull.

How to submit a pitbull

How to submit a pitbull

I’m supposed to be working right now but I couldn’t help posting this video. I saw this and I just cracked up laughing. It’s actually a really good, solid BJJ technique video with sound instruction by a man that is clearly dedicated. It completely destroys my excuse of not training when I don’t have a partner.

I’ll be really glad IBJJF rules don’t allow biting if I ever come up against this doggy in a comp. This truly must be the worlds most relaxed Pitbull. I’d love to have been in the store when he went to buy his BJJ Gi.

This video is by Gene Cook Jr

Hot chicks show us how to break guard

hot chicks break guardI see a lot of people battling to actually break the guard effectively, in order to pass. This morning I was looking for a video that would demonstrate how to break the guard effectively. I didn’t get very far as I found this one and well.. I guess I just lost focus. The technique shown here isn’t actually that bad although the posture and grips need work. Who cares though. I’ll find a more technical guard break video tomorrow. In the meantime, you get the idea.

Allow me to introduce Brittney and Janet of MMA Candy.