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Without some effective take downs, you can’t use all the BJJ techniques you’ve been studying so make sure that you have a few good take down techniques in your arsenal.

An unusual sweep- The butt double with Brandon Mullins

butt double sweepBrandon Mullins once fought a guy who used pressure points against him in a high level BJJ match.

Here’s the sweep he used to sort out the problem. It’s quite unusual and involves a little head butt.

I can’t decide if it’s bad ettiquette or not but it looks very effective and Brandon and Stephen are both amazing BJJ players. What do you think?

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Brian ‘ T-City’ Ortega shows us a flying triangle.

Flying triangle T cityRespected BJJ and MMA fighter, Brian ‘T-City” Ortega shows us how to do a flying triangle. Challenging but awesome.

Let’s not kid around, this is not one of those basic fundamental techniques that everyone needs to know. It’s a risky move that’s not easy to do but it’s a great technique that’s fun to achieve. Once you commit, there’s no going back. Check it out.

Source: Redline Jiu-Jitsu

Double leg takedown- Put him on the floor so you can use your BJJ

Double leg takedown

Double leg takedown

This double leg takedown video by Redline MMA is brilliant. The technique shown here is actually a wrestling technique adapted for MMA but don’t get caught up in the fact that it’s not a ‘pure’ BJJ technique. It’s the most high percentage takedown. I personally learned the hard way in my first MMA match that my BJJ was useless if I couldn’t put my opponent on the mat so if you’re serious about competing, you need to add good takedowns to your tool box. Just a note, watch care carefully how he places and moves his body to avoid the guillotine choke. Check it out.