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Take down defence is critical. If you don’t have good take down defence then you wind up being too scared to compete because you work so hard at your ground skills at BJJ and then get to the tournament only to find yourself getting taken down by a wrestler and then dominated, causing you to lose on points. If you work diligently on your takedown defence, then this is no longer a worry for you and you can go into your next competition with confidence.

Takedown defence to sweep. The 200%

200 percent takedown defence sweep

The 200%

There’s nothing worse than getting taken down and controlled and feeling helpless. Here’s a great takedown defence that you can use to sweep your opponent when he shoots in for the double leg.

You can use the sweep to take his back, go for an armbar or use it to gain various other advantages. It’s instructed brilliantly by coach Brian Peterson of ‘Teach me Grappling”.

Check it out.