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Use sweeps to move into a more favourable position

The best scissor sweep from guard video ever.

scissor sweepThe scissor sweep from guard is such a classic sweep and it’s usually one of the very first sweeps you’ll ever learn in BJJ. This video on the scissor sweep from guard by Kurt Osiander covers both a low level version and higher level variation. Kurt is a Ralph Gracie black belt and explains the moves with perfect clarity in a way that’s very useful for both lower belts and higher belts. He also makes really funny comment along the way.

Andre Galvao shows us how to do a Butterfly sweep.

butterfly sweepAndre Galvao is one the top BJJ competitors on the planet and in this fantastic instructional video hw shows us how to do a Sweep from the butterfly guard or as he likes to call it, the ‘Hooks’ guard. This Jiu-Jitsu magazine production is great because it demonstrates not only the common mistakes we make, but counters to the sweep as well and how we can get around them to ensure that we get the sweep. After watching Andre completely dominate the best in the world in competition, it gives me great confidence in the technique shown here.