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At the end of the day it’s all about the submissions, all your sweeps and transitions and fighting for position lead here. Learn these submission techniques and finish the fight.

How to do a Guillotine choke from guard.

Guillotine chokeThe guillotine choke is a great fight finisher and while being fairly simple, it’s a high percentage move. The trouble is that many people screw it up. You often see the common errors in amateur MMA fights where the guy going for the Guillotine choke falls straight back on his back, wraps his entire arm around his opponents neck so that the crook of his elbow is around the throat and then they normally start yanking like their life depends on it. All that does is waste energy and burn out your arm so don’t do it. Doing a Guillotine choke does not take huge strength if you do it correctly. It’s actually a low strength move but you have to get it right. This video by Howcast shows the technically correct way to do a Guillotine choke from the guard and it really is a fight finisher.

How to do a triangle choke and how to not mess it up.

triangle chokeI could never really say that I’m running a comprehensive BJJ training site without detailed instruction on how to do one of the highest percentage submissions in BJJ. The triangle choke. These video’s show how to do a triangle choke from the guard. Some awesome setups and just as important, how to not mess it up. There’s also a video on how to get the Triangle choke on larger opponents. Get this technique right and you’ll be tapping your opponents out in no time at all.

The first video demonstrates the actual choke. The second one has some great setups for the Triangle choke and in the third one you’ll see what not to do. The last shows what works on bigger guys.

Here’s the actual choke by MMA life TV

Here are some awesome ways to setup the triangle choke (from various positions) by Rory Singer of Athen fitness and MMA

and here’s some instruction by beginning BJJ on what you may do that would cause the choke not to work.

Here are some tips on submitting larger opponents with the Triangle choke by Dan Faggella of Micro BJJ


How to do an armbar from guard like an 8 time world champion.

Armbar from guardI was looking for a video on how to do an armbar from guard and it wasn’t hard to find one. The trouble is that because it’s such a common attack, there are so many people who teach it but many of them don’t really explain it well.

I chose this video by BJJweekly because it’s demonstrated by 8 time word Black belt BJJ champion and 3 time Abu Dhabi champion Hannette Staack. You just don’t get more expert than that. The only part I would emphasise is to squeeze your legs together because as a guy, I’m not a fan of having my nuts crushed. Perfect technique though by an expert of note. The armbar from guard is so common because it is such a highly effective move and it’s super high percentage even in high level competitions.