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At the end of the day it’s all about the submissions, all your sweeps and transitions and fighting for position lead here. Learn these submission techniques and finish the fight.

How to do a No gi Baseball choke

No gi baseball choke

No gi baseball choke

Looking to tap your opponent out from the bottom and the top. The No Gi baseball choke is a simple but effective technique. I like the No gi version of the baseball bat choke, since I’m doing a fair amount of no gi at the moment. I did a post on the Gi version here.

I’ve posted two videos below. One from top position and one from bottom so you can see how to make the choke work when you’re in control and when you’re not.

Here’s the choke from side control top and knee on belly as shown by CUFF lightweight champion Bruce Lutchmedial.

Source: Ben Stark

Here’s the choke from when you’re on the bottom and your opponent has you in side control. It’s a great video by the guys at Red Schafer Mixed martial arts. They’ve included some great grip variations.

Rener Gracie- Back attack submission chain

Back attack submission chain

Back attack submission chain

It doesn’t come more badass than this. Have you ever fought to get your opponents back, only to find you can’t submit him because of his great back defence. That ends with this chain of submissions from the back.

I’ve lost a tournament match because I had the guy’s back the whole time but couldn’t submit. When we stood back up, I shot for a take down and he sprawled and managed to score two points, which I couldn’t recover from. I was so frustrated. That’s why I really like this video.

The instruction by Rener Gracie is so perfect. The subtleties of wrist movement and leg placement will no doubt take me a very long time to perfect. Rener has such fluid transitions that he makes it look easy. I have no doubt at all that when he takes your back, it’s game over.

Source: Gracie Breakdown

Brian ‘ T-City’ Ortega shows us a flying triangle.

Flying triangle T cityRespected BJJ and MMA fighter, Brian ‘T-City” Ortega shows us how to do a flying triangle. Challenging but awesome.

Let’s not kid around, this is not one of those basic fundamental techniques that everyone needs to know. It’s a risky move that’s not easy to do but it’s a great technique that’s fun to achieve. Once you commit, there’s no going back. Check it out.

Source: Redline Jiu-Jitsu

How to do an Ezekiel choke like Rafael Lovato Jr

I really like the Ezekiel choke. It was one of the very first submissions I learned and I’ve written about it before. It’s a marvelous way to get your opponent to take a quick nap.

Ezekiel choke- Rafael Lovato Jr

Ezekiel choke- Rafael Lovato Jr

It’s such a simple choke but it works for me again and again and everyone should know how to do it.

I was surfing around on BJJ Heroes and found a cool page about it which had this awesome BJJ video vault video by Rafael Lovato Jr. The instruction is clear and concise and the instructor is a legend. What more could you ask for in a BJJ video.