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At the end of the day it’s all about the submissions, all your sweeps and transitions and fighting for position lead here. Learn these submission techniques and finish the fight.

2 great closed guard No Gi triangle setups.

No Gi triangle choke setupHere are 2 great Triangle setups for no Gi, from the closed guard.

It can be tough to set up a Triangle choke in No Gi grappling because you don’t have the grips that you have in Gi BJJ for control. You have to use underhooks and overhooks and adjust how you hold onto someone’s wrist. Take a look at this first setup video.

Video Credit: ChewJitsu

Here’s a great video with a different setup from Firas Zahabi at Tristar Gym.

How to do a No Gi pendulum sweep

No Gi pendulum sweep

No Gi pendulum sweep

In this awesome video, Brandon Quick shows us how to do a no gi pendulum sweep and finishes off with some fantastic armbar options. It all starts with an arm drag and the level of control is great. I really like the clear and easy to understand way that he instructs. If you’re looking for a Gi version, you can check out this post with Marcus Almeida.