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You’ve learned the alphabet and then the words. Now use your knowledge to create sentences by chaining submissions together. Your opponent won’t know what’s going on.

Rener Gracie- Back attack submission chain

Back attack submission chain

Back attack submission chain

It doesn’t come more badass than this. Have you ever fought to get your opponents back, only to find you can’t submit him because of his great back defence. That ends with this chain of submissions from the back.

I’ve lost a tournament match because I had the guy’s back the whole time but couldn’t submit. When we stood back up, I shot for a take down and he sprawled and managed to score two points, which I couldn’t recover from. I was so frustrated. That’s why I really like this video.

The instruction by Rener Gracie is so perfect. The subtleties of wrist movement and leg placement will no doubt take me a very long time to perfect. Rener has such fluid transitions that he makes it look easy. I have no doubt at all that when he takes your back, it’s game over.

Source: Gracie Breakdown