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Side control is a powerful position but it’s not just to hold an opponent down. There are some great BJJ side control submissions too.

Little hand half guard set up for Americana lock and choke.

little hand americana and chokeI’ve been looking for some submissions from half guard that my opponents haven’t seen before and Robert Comfort of Huntington Beach California suggested this awesome video to me. It’s instructed by Caio Terra and Samir Chantre of Caio Terra and it’s a fantastic video with clear detailed instruction.

He shows you how to use the Gi lapel to control your opponents arm from the half guard and use the leverage to get an Americana shoulder lock. (Also called the ‘gift wrap’).What I really like about it is that there’s virtually no chance of losing the dominant position if you do it right and even if the other guy’s really quick and pulls his arm out, you still have a really effective choke. Check it out!

Dan Faggella shows how to escape side control (and take the back)

side control escape to backThere’s nothing as frustrating and claustrophobic as being trapped in someones side control and feeling like you can’t move, you’re being crushed and there’s nothing to do but be submitted. This video will show you how to take control of the situation by not only escaping but escaping to a dominant position. It’s a critical skill for everyone but particularly for people that are small and can’t afford to be lying in side control, getting squished by a larger opponent. Who better to teach us how to escape the side mount than the small but brilliant instructor of MicroBJJ, Dan Faggella.

Ryron Gracie shows us how to do an armbar from side control

side control armbarWithout a doubt, one of the signature moves of BJJ is the armbar and from side control, it’s an extremely high percentage technique. Your game is simply not complete if you don’t have this weapon in your arsenal. Who better to demonstrate an armbar from the side control position than 5th Degree Black belt Ryron Gracie in this technically perfect BJJ Weekly video.