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Side control is a powerful position but it’s not just to hold an opponent down. There are some great BJJ side control submissions too.

How to do a No gi Baseball choke

No gi baseball choke

No gi baseball choke

Looking to tap your opponent out from the bottom and the top. The No Gi baseball choke is a simple but effective technique. I like the No gi version of the baseball bat choke, since I’m doing a fair amount of no gi at the moment. I did a post on the Gi version here.

I’ve posted two videos below. One from top position and one from bottom so you can see how to make the choke work when you’re in control and when you’re not.

Here’s the choke from side control top and knee on belly as shown by CUFF lightweight champion Bruce Lutchmedial.

Source: Ben Stark

Here’s the choke from when you’re on the bottom and your opponent has you in side control. It’s a great video by the guys at Red Schafer Mixed martial arts. They’ve included some great grip variations.

How to do a Japanese necktie with Shinya Aoki and Chris Hertzog

Here are two video’s on how to do a Japanese necktie. It’s a great option from side control, turtle and half guard. It’s quite an unpleasant submission for your opponent so try be sensitive in training. I actually came to find this technique because I really like the using the D’Arce choke but over the last few months, the guys at my gym have developed such good defence to it that I had to seek out a submission to counter that defence.Japanese necktie

The first video is by Chris Hertzog of Empire Academy for submissions 101. I like the way he explains the technique.

The second video is by Japanese submission wizard and MMA legend Shinya Aoki. The video is in Japanese so I can’t understand a word but you can see how Shinya does it and I figure it’s a cool video to learn an authentic Japanese necktie.

2nd video source : Stingrza

A far side arm submission chain from side control to keep your opponent tapping

far arm submission chainDo you ever attain side control and then battle for ages with the same submission and end up getting nothing and having your opponent escape or reaching the end of the round with nothing? BJJ is similar to boxing in the way that you have to use your techniques in combinations instead of in isolation.

So just like boxers work combos, you can chain your submissions together. This keeps your opponent guessing and allows you to overwhelm them and get the tap.

This BJJ weekly video by renowned instructor Emily Kwok is great because Emily shows a range of far arm locks from side control chained together. She keeps things super tight and technical and explains in a clear way.

Kimura escape shown by Professor Daniel Cherubin

Kimura escape

Kimura escape

Man it really sucks to get caught in a tight Kimura. You can only hold on for so long before your opponent gets the tap and when it happens, if you don’t tap quickly enough, you can walk away from training with an aching shoulder. Not cool. There is a solution though and here it is. In this BJJ Hobart video, De La Riva Jiu Jitsu Australia, Head Instructor Professor Daniel Cherubin shows us how to escape from the Kimura and return the favour with an armbar.