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A great drill to make your Sit out unstoppable

Sit out drill

Sit out drill

Are you sick of having guys sprawl on you and control you? Here’s the solution.

Learn to sit out correctly with proper timing and you can reverse the position.

This can completely change your Turtle game and be the difference between winning and losing. It’s a great video from the guys at Damage Control MMA.

To learn more about their incredible online training program click here.

How to do an Anaconda choke

Here’s one of my favourite chokes, the Anaconda. It’s a fantastic way to choke your opponent unconcious. Phil Davis used it very well in the UFC.

Anaconda choke

Anaconda choke

I like it because I often find myself in the right position to get it and it’s not too complicated. You just need to get your grips right and learn how to Gator roll. It’s worked for me again and again. The great thing is that it works with your opponents one arm in so you don’t even need to fight to isolate his neck.

Here are 2 videos.

The first video was uploaded by Loic Le Jeune and shows how Phil Davis used the Anaconda choke to submit Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 179.

The second video is a Howcast instructional video of how to actually do the Anaconda choke.

How to do a Peruvian necktie.

Peruvian necktie

Peruvian necktie

Check out this video by Brian Peterson of about how to do a Peruvian necktie. Once you’ve sprawled after your opponent shoots for a takedown, you can really make him pay with this submission. This technique took me an abnormal amount of time to understand but it’s actually not complicated once you get it. The instruction in this video is really high quality. You get to see how to do the submission and also how Brian’s used it in competition which is really cool. Check it out.

How to do the Peruvian Necktie. (Also called the Tony Da Souza choke.)