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Mount or ‘ The mounted position’ is one of the most powerful positions to be in any combat situation. You have great control over your opponent and he in turn is under pressure and can not easily defend him or herself. In BJJ, mount is definitely a great place to be, when you’re the one on top.

How to do an Americana from mount.

Americana from mountThe keylock or Americana is a great shoulder lock and works very well from the mount. Some people get thrown off when doing it or battle to finish on stronger opponents. This is really just a technique issue and in this video by James Terlecki and Tony Ciccone from Next Level Martial Arts, we learn how to maintain balance and increase leverage to get the Americana from Mount locked down and ensure that we get the tap.

Struggling to finish your armbar from mount? Battle no longer.

armbar from mountThe armbar from mount is a very interesting submission. Why is this? Well you’re already in a dominant position. If you just sit there and maintain it in a sports Jiu-Jitsu match, then you’ll win on points. If it’s MMA, you can use strikes to finish and because of this many people won’t use the armbar from mount because of the risk of losing the top position by being rolled over and losing the armbar.

Another thing that happens is when your opponent is really strong and you end up in a frustrating stalemate where he won’t release his arm and you can’t hyper extend it. If these issues have been plagueing your BJJ game and holding you back, then worry no more because in this Draculino team TX video, by 5th degree Blackbelt Draculino, you will learn how to keep your balance and generate powerful leverage to control and finish the armbar from the mounted position.

You haven’t seen a Triangle choke from mount explained like this before.

Triangle choke from mountDo you battle to finish the fight from mount? Sometimes people get the mounted position and know that the Triangle choke is available but things go wrong on the setup and you wind up on your back with your opponent passing your guard. That’s so frustrating but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this video, Ryron and Rener Gracie demonstrate variations and preferences for setting up the triangle choke from mount. Once you get these techniques and principles right, your mounted triangle will be rock solid.