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Mount or ‘ The mounted position’ is one of the most powerful positions to be in any combat situation. You have great control over your opponent and he in turn is under pressure and can not easily defend him or herself. In BJJ, mount is definitely a great place to be, when you’re the one on top.

Back take and mount from closed guard with Buchecha

back take from closed guard buchechaThis video is a perfect storm of sick techniques. BJJ Wizard, Marcus Almeida aka ‘Buchecha’ shows us how to take the back from closed guard and transition to the mount at will from there.

The reason I like this video so much is that there’s nothing complex here, just good solid technique. Closed guard is an iconic position of BJJ. The back take and the mount are arguably the two most dominant positions. In this video, you learn how to go from one to the other to the other in a simple and almost unstoppable sequence. The best part is that you can rely on the fact that it’s rock solid technique, because the instructor is Buchecha himself. It doesn’t come much better than this, so go drill it.

The video is courtesy of Hayabusa. You can see their great range of BJJ Gi’s here.

How to do an Ezekiel choke like Rafael Lovato Jr

I really like the Ezekiel choke. It was one of the very first submissions I learned and I’ve written about it before. It’s a marvelous way to get your opponent to take a quick nap.

Ezekiel choke- Rafael Lovato Jr

Ezekiel choke- Rafael Lovato Jr

It’s such a simple choke but it works for me again and again and everyone should know how to do it.

I was surfing around on BJJ Heroes and found a cool page about it which had this awesome BJJ video vault video by Rafael Lovato Jr. The instruction is clear and concise and the instructor is a legend. What more could you ask for in a BJJ video.

Americana escape options and 2 common mistakes.

Do you often get caught in the Americana shoulder lock? Have you been looking for an Americana escape that will solve this problem? Here are some escape options and also some things you should avoid doing.

Americana escape

Americana escape

It’s one of the highest percentage submissions and is frequently used in pretty much every BJJ gym. If you’ve been rolling for any length of time, then you’ve definitely been caught in an Americana. While your opponent can get it from various positions, the most common one is from the mount so this video will show you various ways to escape the Americana from mount. It’s important to realise that when you’re trying to do an Americana escape, there are two natural responses that people do that actually cause them to get into more trouble. This video will show you how to avoid doing them and give you an understanding of the kind of movements that you should rather do.

It’s extremely frustrating getting caught in an Americana. It can be painful if you don’t tap in time. It’s also quite irritating when you’re a lightweight and you end up rolling a bigger guy who loves to use the Americana as his weight gives him a big advantage. Who better to teach us the Americana escape than Rener Gracie of Gracie Academy.

An Americana escape isn’t easy.

Once you understand what your opponent needs to achieve in order to get the submission, you can effectively counter against it. Escaping the Americana is definitely no walk in the park, especially if your opponent is skilled or strong but this video will give you the knowledge to get the upper hand and get the Americana escape . There’s no fancy stuff here but getting the small movements and timing right is not always easy and requires a lot of rolling to get right. As with everything in BJJ, time on the mat training these things is what will ultimately make the difference between getting caught or not.

How to do an Ezekiel choke from the mount

Ezekiel choke

Ezekiel choke

Seriously. This video is old school and cool. Alberto Crane, one of the original American BJJ black belts shows us just how to put your opponent to sleep nice and easy from the mounted position in this video. It’s an old technique and one of the first BJJ submissions that I ever saw, back when Royce Gracie did it way back in UFC 1 and it still works like a charm for me.

What I love about the Ezekiel choke is that even in the unlikely event that he flips you, you can still get the choke, even off your back but the great thing is that you barely risk giving up position when you go for this choke. Check out the video here:

5 or more mount escapes to get you out of trouble quick, instructed by Roy Dean.

mount escapes- roy deanThe mounted position is an extremely dominant position in BJJ and is even more powerful in MMA. Having lost one of my first MMA fights by not quickly escaping the mount, I can vouch for the fact that it is crucial to be able to effectively and efficiently escape the mount. This video by world renowned BJJ coach Roy Dean, will show you 5 great mount escapes that will give you the options you need.