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Caio Terra shows us how to take the back from Half guard top

caio-terra-half-guard-to-backBJJ world champion Caio Terra has a great half guard game. In this video, he shows us an excellent way to take the back from the half guard top position. It’s amazing how often I find my self in half guard so it’s important to have a good way to get to a dominant position from there.

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Rolling back take from deep half guard top position.

This move may make your brain fry but it’s awesome and unless he’s very experienced, your opponent won’t even understand what’s going on. When I work on this in class, I find it very challenging to do but amazing to pull off.

Rolling back take from deep half guard

Rolling back take from deep half guard

Your opponent has you in deep half guard and he feel’s like he’s gaining control. All of a sudden you roll and you have his back, ready to take the submission. Mind=Blown.

What a killer technique shown by BJJ superstar Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida for Hayabusa.
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How to do a Japanese necktie with Shinya Aoki and Chris Hertzog

Here are two video’s on how to do a Japanese necktie. It’s a great option from side control, turtle and half guard. It’s quite an unpleasant submission for your opponent so try be sensitive in training. I actually came to find this technique because I really like the using the D’Arce choke but over the last few months, the guys at my gym have developed such good defence to it that I had to seek out a submission to counter that defence.Japanese necktie

The first video is by Chris Hertzog of Empire Academy for submissions 101. I like the way he explains the technique.

The second video is by Japanese submission wizard and MMA legend Shinya Aoki. The video is in Japanese so I can’t understand a word but you can see how Shinya does it and I figure it’s a cool video to learn an authentic Japanese necktie.

2nd video source : Stingrza

Half guard foot grab sweep.

Being stuck at the bottom in half guard is no fun. In BJJ, you’re waiting to get submitted and in MMA, you’re probably getting elbowed in the head. These things make it a position that you really should try master. One of the first things to do is to learn some basic sweeps.

Footgrab half guard sweep

Footgrab half guard sweep

This sweep is very cool as it lets you get your head out of danger and put your opponent on the bottom quickly. In this BJJ instructional video, Stephan Kesting demonstrates the sweep in a clear and easy to understand way and explains the details perfectly. He’s a great instructor and this is a very cool sweep.

No Gi Half guard sweep with back take.

half guard sweep no giI like techniques that can be combined to give my opponent a choice between two bad options. This video by Black belt instructor Jay Bell of Gracie Farmington Valley shows us a great way to to get a half guard sweep.

Basically, its a sequence that goes like this. You’re in half guard, you try to take his back. He blocks with a whizzer, you sweep him. If he bases out or simply doesn’t block with a whizzer then you get his back anyway. Seems like a great way to go to me . Check out the video.