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How to do the rubber guard.

Rubber guard techniques

Rubber guard in action

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Eddie Bravo’s Rubber guard has really helped my game over the years and it is a set of tools I use fairly often in No Gi. It helps to prevent getting punched in the face in MMA and I prefer not getting punched in the face.

I found it difficult to learn at first, as although the basics are fairly simple, it was different to what I was used to doing.

I’ve posted some videos here by other instructors and then later, more importantly by Eddie himself to help you break it down, use it to transition, submit your opponents and move to dominant positions.

His book is available from Amazon, as shown here:

This first video by Submissions 101 explains the basic rubber guard positions and their names.

This one by Michelle Blanchard of The Hooks helps explain why rubber guards works and how to use it practically, as demonstrated by Eddie Bravo himself.

In this video by Ripsaw defence , you can watch Eddie Bravo doing a seminar in Newcastle England where he breaks down the rubber guard.

Why the rubber guard is effective in MMA – Eddie Bravo explains.

Rubber guard Eddie BravoEddie Bravo‘s always been a bit of a controversial figure in BJJ circles because of his opinions on the use of Gi training for MMA and the way he thinks about new techniques. I’ve personally been a big fan of his for years. I find that the stuff he teaches has really helped me over the years in No Gi BJJ, submission wrestling and MMA competitions.

In this video on The Joe Rogan Experience, Eddie explains his BJJ philosophy to living legend Rickson Gracie. It’s a very interesting video.