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Make your open guard unpassable with these 6 principles

Open guard principlesThis video may transform your open guard game forever.

Adem Redzovic from Chicago has put together a gem of a video here. Learning these 6 fundamentals of playing open guard can only help with everything from Spider guard to De La Riva guard. I really feel that this video can help BJJ players make a huge leap in the right direction.

Open guard Principle 1

If you open your guard, you’ll play open guard. If your opponent opens your guard, he’ll pass your guard.
Establish a control position as shown in the photo above.

Open guard principle 2

Always maintain four points of contact- This is your highest priority. You wouldn’t want to climb a mountain with one hand.

Open guard principle 3

Your feet are your first line of defence- Against what? Your feet are your defence against your opponents pressure.

Open guard principle 4

Your knees are your second line of defence because they can also neutralise pressure.

Open guard principle 5

There is a third line of defence, correct body positioning. You must however make sure that you’re first with the correct body positioning so that you’re not bearing your opponents weight.

Open guard principle 6

Reset – Get back to a point where you can work again.

Win these battles and you can win the open guard war.