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Octpus guard is a lesser known and yet highly effective BJJ guard that can be used to get all sorts of transitions and submissions.

Learn the Octopus guard and surprise your opponents

Octopus guard explained

Octopus guard explained

The Octopus guard is a bit of an unusual guard but one that can be used very effectively. Here are two great videos where former world champion Eduardo Telles explains the Octopus guard and Brandon Quick shows a huge range of sequences and attacks that you can do from this position. He covers everything from taking the back to submissions.

I’ve been battling with a lanky training partner who seems to know my game really well and I’ve been looking for something a bit unusual that I can use to turn the tables. It looks like Octopus guard may be the answer I’ve been looking for.

Here’s Eduardo Telles, the developer of the Octopus guard explaining the concept in this Groundfighter video.

Here’s Brandon Quick showing us how to destroy people with the Octopus guard. There’s so much material covered in this video that it’ll take me months to get it right. The video sound isn’t great but the techniques demonstrated make it well worth watching.