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How to pass Spider guard with Ricardo Cavalcanti

Spider guard passThere’s nothing more irritating than being stuck in the guard of a good Spider guard player. You can’t go forward. You can’t go backwards and if their grips are very good, you actually find yourself with sore biceps. Not pleasant.

Here’s the solution. In this video by Cavalcanti Jiu Jitsu. Ricardo Cavalcanti, who is a 5th degree Blackbelt under Carlson Gracie Sr shows us exactly how to break your opponents grips and pass their guard to a dominant position.

Xande Ribeiro on how to flatten your opponent to pass half guard.

Flattening in half guardIf you don’t flatten your opponents half guard effectively then you’ll always be in trouble against stronger opponents. Learning from the best of the best as we do in this BJJ library video by 6 time world BJJ champion Xande Ribeiro is as as good as it gets.

There are some concepts that change your game and the concept of flattening your opponent to pass the half guard is one of them. ( And for that matter, the converse is true when you’re on the bottom). I love learning stuff like this and I can definitely say this concept changed my game. Once you get this concept right, you have a world of options for passing.

The most high percentage half guard pass, the knee through squeeze pass.

knee through half guard passThere are hundreds and hundreds of BJJ techniques that you may never use but this one is special. It’s without a doubt one the most high percentage half guard passes. It’s simple and highly effective and with a few tweaks here and there as shown by David Avellan, it becomes pretty much impossible to stop. It’s one of those super useful techniques that everyone needs to know. The knee through squeeze pass shown in this video will change your half guard top game.

How to pass the knee shield half guard control position.

knee shield half guard passThere’s nothing more frustrating than coming up against a good half guard player who uses the knee shield as a control postion. It can make you feel completely helpless and vulnerable to your opponent’s sweeps. This great half guard pass demonstrated by the guys at BJJ vault will enable you to work your way around his half guard knee shield and the best part is that you’re going around his guard instead of working against a really strong position.