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Created by the world famous Ricardo De La Riva, the De La Riva guard is a dynamic and exciting guard position that overcomes the obstacle of your opponent having his Knee in a combat base position.

Caio Terra shows a great No Gi De La Riva sweep.

Caio terra de la riva sweepThe sweep in this Gracie mag video may seem tricky to do but I absolutely love it. As a fan of the No Gi game, I’ve always found it frustrating that none of my De La Riva sweeps would work in no gi because I could never get effective grips. Caio terra shows how, with a little modification of your grip and the use of an underhook, you can get a great no gi De La Riva sweep.

The reason that I think this is such a cool sweep, is that over the years, I’ve taken a lot of punishment from bigger stronger guys in MMA matches when they manage to stand up in my guard and rain down punches. This sweep gives me an opportunity now to sit them right back down and sort out the problem so I can go home with less of a headache.