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An unusual sweep- The butt double with Brandon Mullins

butt double sweepBrandon Mullins once fought a guy who used pressure points against him in a high level BJJ match.

Here’s the sweep he used to sort out the problem. It’s quite unusual and involves a little head butt.

I can’t decide if it’s bad ettiquette or not but it looks very effective and Brandon and Stephen are both amazing BJJ players. What do you think?

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How to do a butterfly sweep, plus a few variations.

Robson Moura butterfly sweep

Robson Moura butterfly sweep

This awesome video is by world champion Robson Moura to promote Jiu-Jitsutracker and is taken from one of his seminars. In the video, Robson goes back to basics. He teaches the butterfly sweep perfectly. When you’ve drilled this, you’ll be on your way to a great butterfly guard.

Here’s a video for a hook sweep from butterfly guard, using a single hook. If you can’t get the underhook with your arm, it gives you another option. It shows you how to go over his shoulder with your arm and sweep him with one butterfly hook. Another great option. This Start BJJ video is by World Champion Professor Rafael Lima.

I’ve included the video below for a bit of variety and to give you an alternative if your opponent protects his arm from being gripped. This video by Jeff Joslin of MMA Quickstart shows us how to do a butterfly sweep with a different finish to most. He shows us how to adjust grips and change the way your opponent goes over, to give you a surprise edge over experienced opponents.

Andre Galvao shows us how to do a Butterfly sweep.

butterfly sweepAndre Galvao is one the top BJJ competitors on the planet and in this fantastic instructional video hw shows us how to do a Sweep from the butterfly guard or as he likes to call it, the ‘Hooks’ guard. This Jiu-Jitsu magazine production is great because it demonstrates not only the common mistakes we make, but counters to the sweep as well and how we can get around them to ensure that we get the sweep. After watching Andre completely dominate the best in the world in competition, it gives me great confidence in the technique shown here.