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A great back mount escape like this can change your game.

back mount escapeThere’s got to be no more effective control position for BJJ and MMA than back control. It’s total positional dominance. As such, if you’re a BJJ competitor, it’s critical to know how to escape the back mount before your opponent can get you with a submission. It will be incredibly frustrating for your opponents and great for you.

Its always great to have a very versatile escape. Because if you know it works in most situations, you can really work at it and make that part of your game unstoppable. Imagine how relaxed you’d feel with a seriously high percentage back escape. It means you can really roll and experiment without worrying about being controlled from the back. Check out this back escape by Daniel Faggella of MicroBJJ to really make your back mount escape to the next level.

Marcelo Garcia shows how to take and keep the back and get the rear naked choke.

marcelo garcia rear naked chokeThe Rear naked choke is arguably the most high percentage submission in BJJ and MMA. It is a critical weapon in the arsenal of any serious BJJ player. Many people however can’t quite finish it if the opponent is experienced and knows how to defend it. Let’s face it, if you’re facing any sort of skilled competitor, then they’ve been training how to defend it so here’s the RNC demonstrated by the the best in the world, Marcelo Garcia.

In the first video he shows how to take the position and get the choke. In the second video he expands on that and shows how to maintain position for the choke and in the third, he shows you just how to overcome the standard defensive techniques. Incredible stuff from his MGinAction series that will tighten up your game.