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Back take and mount from closed guard with Buchecha

back take from closed guard buchechaThis video is a perfect storm of sick techniques. BJJ Wizard, Marcus Almeida aka ‘Buchecha’ shows us how to take the back from closed guard and transition to the mount at will from there.

The reason I like this video so much is that there’s nothing complex here, just good solid technique. Closed guard is an iconic position of BJJ. The back take and the mount are arguably the two most dominant positions. In this video, you learn how to go from one to the other to the other in a simple and almost unstoppable sequence. The best part is that you can rely on the fact that it’s rock solid technique, because the instructor is Buchecha himself. It doesn’t come much better than this, so go drill it.

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Rener Gracie- Back attack submission chain

Back attack submission chain

Back attack submission chain

It doesn’t come more badass than this. Have you ever fought to get your opponents back, only to find you can’t submit him because of his great back defence. That ends with this chain of submissions from the back.

I’ve lost a tournament match because I had the guy’s back the whole time but couldn’t submit. When we stood back up, I shot for a take down and he sprawled and managed to score two points, which I couldn’t recover from. I was so frustrated. That’s why I really like this video.

The instruction by Rener Gracie is so perfect. The subtleties of wrist movement and leg placement will no doubt take me a very long time to perfect. Rener has such fluid transitions that he makes it look easy. I have no doubt at all that when he takes your back, it’s game over.

Source: Gracie Breakdown

Rolling back take from deep half guard top position.

This move may make your brain fry but it’s awesome and unless he’s very experienced, your opponent won’t even understand what’s going on. When I work on this in class, I find it very challenging to do but amazing to pull off.

Rolling back take from deep half guard

Rolling back take from deep half guard

Your opponent has you in deep half guard and he feel’s like he’s gaining control. All of a sudden you roll and you have his back, ready to take the submission. Mind=Blown.

What a killer technique shown by BJJ superstar Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida for Hayabusa.
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No Gi Half guard sweep with back take.

half guard sweep no giI like techniques that can be combined to give my opponent a choice between two bad options. This video by Black belt instructor Jay Bell of Gracie Farmington Valley shows us a great way to to get a half guard sweep.

Basically, its a sequence that goes like this. You’re in half guard, you try to take his back. He blocks with a whizzer, you sweep him. If he bases out or simply doesn’t block with a whizzer then you get his back anyway. Seems like a great way to go to me . Check out the video.

Marcus ‘Buchecha” Almeida demonstrates the Bow and Arrow choke.

Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida | bow and arrow choke

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida | bow and arrow choke

I’ve been searching for a really great video that shows the Bow and Arrow choke flawlessly so that I can take it to the next level and I found this one. Wow but this is a seriously great video. The production is super slick and the instruction is so technical. When a guy has this many wins at the highest level, you know this technique is for real.

I’ve got friend who’s a BJJ black belt. (Shout out to Brett). He has the Bow and Arrow choke totally waxed. It sometimes feels like he can execute this choke seemingly at will. I feel completely helpless when he decides to choke me with this technique. I’ll have to work on it for years to get to that level but I’ve been looking for a something like this video because I really want to get to that next level and I have a feeling that getting the Bow and Arrow choke perfect will be a massive asset to my BJJ game.

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