Americana escape options and 2 common mistakes.

Do you often get caught in the Americana shoulder lock? Have you been looking for an Americana escape that will solve this problem? Here are some escape options and also some things you should avoid doing.

Americana escape

Americana escape

It’s one of the highest percentage submissions and is frequently used in pretty much every BJJ gym. If you’ve been rolling for any length of time, then you’ve definitely been caught in an Americana. While your opponent can get it from various positions, the most common one is from the mount so this video will show you various ways to escape the Americana from mount. It’s important to realise that when you’re trying to do an Americana escape, there are two natural responses that people do that actually cause them to get into more trouble. This video will show you how to avoid doing them and give you an understanding of the kind of movements that you should rather do.

It’s extremely frustrating getting caught in an Americana. It can be painful if you don’t tap in time. It’s also quite irritating when you’re a lightweight and you end up rolling a bigger guy who loves to use the Americana as his weight gives him a big advantage. Who better to teach us the Americana escape than Rener Gracie of Gracie Academy.

An Americana escape isn’t easy.

Once you understand what your opponent needs to achieve in order to get the submission, you can effectively counter against it. Escaping the Americana is definitely no walk in the park, especially if your opponent is skilled or strong but this video will give you the knowledge to get the upper hand and get the Americana escape . There’s no fancy stuff here but getting the small movements and timing right is not always easy and requires a lot of rolling to get right. As with everything in BJJ, time on the mat training these things is what will ultimately make the difference between getting caught or not.