6 Triangle choke escapes you need to know

 triangle choke defence

triangle choke defence

The Triangle choke is a super high percentage choke and you need to know how to recognise it, prevent it early and if need be, escape it. There are various great defences out there. I’ve embedded 4 videos for you here that include 6 different techniques, which are shown by top notch black belt instructors with different points of view. I like to have options so I can chain them together and make sure I escape. Check out them out see what works best for you.

The first outstanding video is by Stephan Kesting of Grapplearts. He explains the prevention and the actual triangle choke escapes in a clear concise way that ensures you can’t go wrong.

Kurt osiander – Prevention is better then cure and some basic techniques- This video also shows the importance of posture for prevention, which is a common theme.

Dean Lister – How to escape when it’s in deep to avoid getting elbowed in the face if it’s MMA. I personally love this one. ( This video is by Breakthrough Jiu Jitsu via DeanListerLegLocks.com)

Jason Scully‘s ‘Leaning triangle escape’ – It’s a less conventional approach that works. I like surprising my opponents.

Now it’s time to drill the techniques and stop getting caught in triangle chokes.